The Tsutakawa Fountain Kickoff Event

There will be an upcoming Gala to raise money for the Tsutakawa Fountain restoration project. This has been a story we at the New City Collegian have been working on for quite some time.

Tina Young, Director of Multicultural Services at SCCC had this to say in an email: “The Tsutakawa Fountain Committee will present a Kick off event this Friday, May 17 from 530-730pm in The Atrium on the Seattle Central campus to officially begin the efforts to raise the funds needed to repair and restore the George Tsutakawa Fountain located in the Atrium on the Seattle Central campus.  The Fountain has been silent for many years, but this important work resonates with Seattle Central’s history, legacy and mission, and we are determined to bring it back to life.”

She also stated that it is possible the price of tickets will drop from $100 to $50 in order to accommodate

Tsutakawa Fountain Image Courtesy of Tina Young.
Tsutakawa Fountain Image Courtesy of Tina Young.

From an attached document in the email:

“When Fountain was originally installed at Seattle Central, Tsutakawa envisioned it residing in its current central location, creating a link to the rich history of Seattle Central for future students and community members. Currently Fountain has fallen into disrepair and no longer serves as a focal point for the college. The legacy, memories, and honoring of past, present, and future communities, are being muted in its neglect”

This event will help determine the level of interest, and amount of funding available, for Fountain renewal. It will be interesting to see how it goes, and if, in the future, how much funding is in fact needed and how much is available.

more people. For more information, contact the Tsutakawa Fountain Committee at 206.934.4085.

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