Tina Young

Tsutakawa Fountain Gets a Scrub Down

By Alia Marsha & Josh Kelety With the stifling low hanging cloud of finals week in full effect, the only noise that lingered in the halls of Seattle Central Community College were the scraping sounds of wire brushes, the slosh of mop buckets, and cheerful laughter. The Tsutakawa fountain, an SCCC community landmark, was getting […]

What is actually broken with the Tsutakawa Fountain? Not much, it turns out.

Paige Allison and Alia Marsha A version of this article appears in spring print edition in June 4 2013. You might have seen the posters urging you to join the Tsutakawa Fountain committee. You might have attended the fundraising gala with taiko drums and dignitaries. You might have been one of 700 people to sign […]

The Tsutakawa Fountain Kickoff Event

There will be an upcoming Gala to raise money for the Tsutakawa Fountain restoration project. This has been a story we at the New City Collegian have been working on for quite some time. Tina Young, Director of Multicultural Services at SCCC had this to say in an email: “The Tsutakawa Fountain Committee will present […]

Not One Penny More:  ASC Commits $999.99 for Fountain Renovation

Not One Penny More: ASC Commits $999.99 for Fountain Renovation

by Alia Marsha On Thursday, April 4th the Associated Student Council passed the motion to allocate $999.99 to the refurbishing of the Tsutakawa Fountain in SCCC’s Atrium. This will add to the donations received by the Fountain Committee to date. Prior to this, Michael Pham, Vice President of Administrative Services, promised to grant the Committee […]