Seattle Central Community College Newspaper

Support and Rejection of Occupy Seattle

By Gryphon MacThoy Occupy Seattle has planned to move to SCCC’s campus. However, Occupy Seattle has garnered both support and rejection for this idea from various fronts. Karen Strickland, Seattle President of the American Federation of Teachers, in an email to all faculty of SCCC, forwarded a letter previously sent to Paul Killpatrick, SCCC President. […]

Unity Fair Kicks off Capitol Hill Summer

By Amy Pham Join the fun tomorrow, Thursday May 24, from 10am to 4pm. Unity Fair, held in Seattle Central Community College’s South Plaza gives students the opportunity to learn more about the culture of other countries in a celebration of unity. Unity Fair is a multicultural event celebrated every year, and includes bands, performances, […]

Dear Quebec: We Fell You

Just a quick post, dear readers: Quebec is in an uproar after removing student’s rights to protest. That’s all. Thought you should know, Chancellor, Board of Trustees, and others supporting the WAC to whack the 1st Amendment. Reaction to inconvenience beyond a grimace and a shrug gets escalated pretty fast. It just does. Here in […]

Do your Part to Recycle at Seattle Central

By Long Vuong Do you recycle properly? How often do you throw trash in the recycling? To find out, I went to the cafeteria and talked to students. I asked a student walking along the hallway,”Do you see the recycle sign?” “Even a little kid can see those circle signs,” said Roger Francis, he laughed. […]

After Challenges Nature Club Grows

By Thu Ngoc-Minh Le After the old members graduated from Seattle Central Community College, the Nature Club declined for the lack of participation. But now, thanks to the effort of new members, the Nature Club is thriving again. “Allison Wong, the vice president, and I are the only old members that remain. Almost every other […]

Building Named after Dolt: Rants & Raves

By Ken Hamilton RANT: The SCCC Film Program is scheduled to be removed after the end of next year. RAVE: Students of SCCC have an entire year to make it known that we want our film program to keep going. In related news the Seattle Central Film Festival is happening tomorrow at 6 PM in […]

Invisible Disabilities: Do we Truly Understand?

By India Woods It wasn’t until I entered college that I realized my disability, multiple sclerosis, wasn’t treated as a disability. My MS affects my walking, I have pain throughout my whole body, I have issues with my ability to focus and I can’t stand or sit for long periods of time without having major […]

Education is a Human Right

By Nathan Fitzgerald, NSCC, S.A.F.E. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness relate to, and depend upon, access to higher education. In this, the first article in a series, I formulate an argument promoting education as a right, not just a privilege. I seek to demonstrate, by drawing logical conclusions based in fact, the cognitive […]

Lindsay Fuller & The Cheap Dates @ The Tractor Tavern

By Jeff Whitelaw Sunday, December 12th, I witnessed Lindsay Fuller & The Cheap Dates ( play the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. I had already seen Fuller play solo twice this year, but I was interested in seeing how she sounded with a band.  I was not disappointed. Fuller is incredible by herself, but the band […]