Richard Conlin

Sawant Takes Home 46% Initially While Changing The Game

By Josh Kelety Alia Marsha contributes in reporting. The crowd at Kshama Sawant’s election night party teemed with a contagious energy. There was an air of anticipation and excitement, blanketed by an over-riding sense of optimism and a shared clarity of vision. As people gathered over cold brews in front of a banner stating ‘a […]

Conlin vs. Sawant: Seattle Central Community College Hosts City Council Debate

Josh Kelety The closely followed battle for incumbent Richard Conlin’s city council seat was brought to Seattle Central by the College Activities Board in the form of a heated and well-attended debate. A sizeable crowd of students, faculty, and other onlookers gathered on Thursday October 17th in a first floor room of the Broadway Edison […]

Sawant For City Council Kick-Off Party

Sawant For City Council Kick-Off Party

“Who wants to see Kshama arrested?” was the introduction to Kshama Sawant- SCCC economics professor, Socialist activist, and Seattle City Council candidate. The impromptu survey received much applause as the “brassy candidate” took center-stage. The Sawant campaign occupied the Central District bar Neighbor Lady for their kick-off party last week. The tight rally of over […]