President Paul Killpatrick

What is actually broken with the Tsutakawa Fountain? Not much, it turns out.

Paige Allison and Alia Marsha A version of this article appears in spring print edition in June 4 2013. You might have seen the posters urging you to join the Tsutakawa Fountain committee. You might have attended the fundraising gala with taiko drums and dignitaries. You might have been one of 700 people to sign […]

Occupy Seattle: A Letter to President Killpatrick

By Ian Finkenbinder One of the accusations leveled against the Occupy Seattle movement used as a pretext for evicting the peaceful protest from Seattle Central Community College has been one of general disorder and lawlessness.  President Killpatrick cited one incident, the attempted sexual assault of an Occupier, as the “last straw” in his attempts to […]