Occupy Seattle

Cornel West Speaks at Occupy Seattle, SCCC

By Aaron Owen Civil rights activist, author, philosopher, and ivy-league professor Dr. Cornel West spoke before a crowd undeterred by wind, rain, and chill on SCCC’s south plaza on Wednesday, November 16, as part of his world-wide tour to show support for the Occupy movement. Students and faculty, occupiers and community members, all gathered together […]

Protest of the People, OWS, Finds Supporters in Cities Coast To Coast

By Neal Kavanaugh, Student Writer The wave of protest has washed up on the Seattle shore. I became interested in Occupy Seattle when I overheard a conversation between two young men about 18 years old – about the age of my grandson. As we rode the bus past the protesters at West Lake Park they expressed two […]

Stuck on the Bus, University Bridge Occupied

By Mark McCarthy NSCC student Last night, as I attempted to make my way from an event at the UW to North Seattle community college, my number 44 bus was stopped in traffic. The circling helicopters, and dismal rain captured the mood of my fellow public transit riders.  With the articulated behemoth’s aisles filled to […]

Occupy Seattle 101: What the Media won’t Show

By Barbara Victorino The crowd marches its way towards Broadway. On my right side stands Jason, the killer. On my left, Lady Gaga. On Saturday, October 29, the Occupy Seattle movement has decided to take their protests to Seattle Central’s Campus. Armed with the commitment of “being good neighbors” to the school, OS members have […]

The Re-Occupation of Seattle Central

By Gryphon MacThoy Shortly after 5:00 PM on Saturday, Oct 29 2011, Occupy Seattle relocated their encampment from Westlake Park in Downtown Seattle to the South Lawn of Seattle Central Community College. Amid changing attitudes from SCCC Administration, bolstered by overwhelming support from the American Federation of Teachers and students at SCCC, the General Assembly […]

Occupy SCCC Spurs Free Education Provided By Faculty

The following press release just hit NCC’s email, and this event started just seconds ago! Get down to SCCC’s South Plaza if you can! Bring umbrellas! Website:                      http://wa.aft.org/aftseattle/ PRESS RELEASE Faculty conduct all-night classes on South Lawn at Seattle Central Community College Teach-in supports Occupy Seattle encampment Faculty from Seattle Central, South Seattle, and North […]

Occupy…our campus?

By Amanda Johnson This past week has brought on support for the Occupy Seattle movement, it has also brought about a lot of questions and opposition from both the student body and the administration on both sides of the issue. The thing all parties involved have mentioned and agreed upon is the fact that it […]

Support and Rejection of Occupy Seattle

By Gryphon MacThoy Occupy Seattle has planned to move to SCCC’s campus. However, Occupy Seattle has garnered both support and rejection for this idea from various fronts. Karen Strickland, Seattle President of the American Federation of Teachers, in an email to all faculty of SCCC, forwarded a letter previously sent to Paul Killpatrick, SCCC President. […]