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Student sexually assaulted by unknown suspect on campus

Student sexually assaulted by unknown suspect on campus

By Josh Kelety A horrific incident of sexual assault and the attempted rape of a female student  occurred last on Thursday January 23rd in the lower floor of the Broadway Performance at Seattle Central Community College (SCCC). According to the student, the assaulter fondled her breasts and attempted to forcibly restrain her as she tried […]

Bitter Tone at Campus Debate on Bus Service Cuts: “The Legislature is Screwing Us”

Bitter Tone at Campus Debate on Bus Service Cuts: “The Legislature is Screwing Us”

By Josh Kelety King County Metro bus service—the public transportation lifeline for Seattle and greater King county area—faces drastic impending funding cuts to be implemented as soon as Fall of this year. The cuts will greatly reduce bus service on certain routes and entirely eliminate others, a prospect which has many members of the greater […]

New policy changes could shut the door on SCCD transparency

By Josh Kelety As promised, the Seattle Community College District (SCCD) has recently released their proposed policy changes regarding citizen records requests, changes which could limit public access to vital information. The proposal was submitted to the Washington State Register, a publicly accessible directory of past, current, and pending state legislation. While the ideas for […]

Tsutakawa Fountain Gets a Scrub Down

By Alia Marsha & Josh Kelety With the stifling low hanging cloud of finals week in full effect, the only noise that lingered in the halls of Seattle Central Community College were the scraping sounds of wire brushes, the slosh of mop buckets, and cheerful laughter. The Tsutakawa fountain, an SCCC community landmark, was getting […]

Editorial – Higher One: The College Financial Bully

by Josh Kelety Higher One represents the blatant intrusion of everything wrong about privatization into one of the most holy and important of public services; institutions of higher education and learning. It is a purely profit driven enterprise, preying on some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. To trick and deceive students, particularly […]

May Day Reflections and Photos by NCC Staff

Disclaimer: Each Staff Member speaks for themselves. These are not necessarily the views of the New City Collegian, we strive to remain neutral as a publication. However, each Staff member had their own unique experience on May Day and we believe that it is important that those are represented and expressed. The New City Collegian […]

Faculty Members Feel Sidelined in Humanities Division Re-Org

by Josh Kelety The Humanities and Social Sciences Division (HUM/SS) of Seattle Central’s academic programs is the largest grouping of faculty, classes and students in the entire institution. The massive nature of the division has prompted administrators and faculty to discuss a theoretical reorganization of the division’s managing administrators. Surveys were sent out and options […]