Carlos Hernandez

Sawant Holds Rally in Wake of Victory

Photos & Intro by Josh Kelety With the most recent ballot returns putting Socialist Alternative candidate Kshama Sawant ahead of Democratic incumbent Richard Conlin by more than 2,000 votes, Conlin has conceded and Sawant declared this race a victory. Consequently, the Sawant campaign held a rally at the local SEIU 775NW headquarters. The scheduled speakers […]

Fired for Empathy

Josh Kelety In early September Seattle Central Student Carlos Hernandez was fired from his job at Subway for giving away a 66-cent cookie to a child. But that wasn’t the real reason. In actuality Hernandez had been deeply concerned about the treatment of his co-workers by his management and was empowering his fellow sandwich artisans […]

Gloves, the Bell, Boom: Students Go Into the Ring

Gloves, the Bell, Boom: Students Go Into the Ring

by Daegyo Seo The ringside machine beeps loudly, the red light glows, and everybody stops, huffing and puffing. Carlos Hernandez considers the machine to be his “assistant”: green, alerts everybody that a three-minute round has started: yellow, lets everybody know that only thirty seconds are remaining in the round and pushes them to go even […]