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What Happens When You’re A Widow

by Gryphon MacThoy Two men who probably didn’t know each other recently died. Apologies to their widowers, but this writing isn’t about them or the deceased, specifically. But it is about what happens when a husband or wife dies. One was an internet friend of mine who lived in Arizona. The other was an always […]

Bearded Thoughts | Dust Bunnies and Hairballs are Cute Addition to SAM Building

Bearded Thoughts | Dust Bunnies and Hairballs are Cute Addition to SAM Building

By Gryphon MacThoy   In the front stairwell of the SCCC Science and Math Building, there are two projects underway: 1) A Biology Project : How many genetically distinct hairballs are produced by SCCC Students in one quarter? 2) A Mathematics Project : Calculate the rate of accumulation of hairballs. Compare it with accumulation of […]

Bearded Thoughts | Microsoft, Apple, or Google?

By Gryphon MacThoy Dear Fanboys, Now that the US Election is over, the technology fanboys seem determined to make their “Brand” seem important. I’ve detected a sudden spike in aggressive “YOUR TECH IS SHIT!” commentary, everywhere. It is stupid. As for myself, people used to think I was SUCH A Microsoft Fanboy, because I had […]

The Chicago Teachers Strike and the Privatization of a Generation

By John Jacobsen Originally published at the Seattle Free Press: CTU Delegates voted this week to end a 7 day strike which effectively shut down all of Chicago’s public schools. The decision comes after the latest round of negotiations between Chicago Public Schools and the Teachers Union succeeded in reaching a deal that negotiators felt […]

Bearded Thoughts | A Moment of Guided Silence

By Gryphon MacThoy A life of Academia may seem a dream of calm and peace to those not currently living that life. However, those who are attending or ever have attended college know the truth. It’s STRESSFUL! There is a little known secret to sanity at Seattle Central Community College. The esteemed Physical Education teacher […]

Bearded Thoughts | Apple’s Retina Display Deseeded

Every couple months technology takes a huge leap forward leaving your newly bought phone or computer in obsolete dust. Recent innovations by Apple with a fine tuned retina display have the qualities to become an industry standard among technological leaders and have staying power at least until the next biggest thing comes along. Here is […]

Bearded Thoughts | Print vs Internet

By Gryphon MacThoy It should not have to be a battle between media formats, but sometimes a line gets drawn and one side just flat out wins. I am taking a Geology class this summer. I’m in it for the hiking. And the cookies. I was surprised to discover that it doesn’t start until July […]

Bearded Thoughts Travels | The Cone Sisters Exhibit at the Vancouver Art Museum

By Gryphon MacThoy for Between Quarters – A Travel Guide for Busy Academics – We are lucky here in Seattle to have lots of interesting museums. Many are very focused, like the Museum of Flight or the Seattle Asian Art Museum. We even get great exhibits, such as the recent, very popular, Picasso and Gauguin […]

Bearded Thoughts | Appropriate Venues

By Gryphon MacThoy What constitutes an appropriate venue for the exercise of free speech? The old scooter everyone rides is that it’s illegal to shout FIRE!!! in a theater, unless there is a real fire. Is graffiti, whether it’s what anyone would consider art or merely the defacement of property, an exercise in free speech? […]

Bearded Thoughts | Registering Online? Don’t Count on it!

By Gryphon MacThoy I woke up this morning a little before 6:00 AM, completely freaked out! Today is the day that returning students can start enrolling in classes. Last quarter, I struggled and begged to get into my Chemistry 161 class (Thank you, Jasmine Bryant!) and so for Spring quarter, I knew I should register […]