Student sexually assaulted by unknown suspect on campus

Student sexually assaulted by unknown suspect on campus

By Josh Kelety

A horrific incident of sexual assault and the attempted rape of a female student  occurred last on Thursday January 23rd in the lower floor of the Broadway Performance at Seattle Central Community College (SCCC). According to the student, the assaulter fondled her breasts and attempted to forcibly restrain her as she tried to flee. After the student exited the performance hall the suspect, a white, bald, and middle aged male, was seen by student witnesses leaving campus via Harvard Ave.

SCCC campus security contacted the Seattle Police Department shortly after the incident, in the hopes of eventually having a detective assigned to the case. On-site video footage managed to capture the suspect on film and is being examined by campus authorities. “We are currently unable to comment on a developing case,” said Elman McClain, SCCC Director of Public Safety and Security.

Fliers with still-shots of the suspect have been posted around campus.

Photo by Alia Marsha

Anyone who has seen the suspect or has related information should contact SCCC campus security at 206-934-5442.

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