Student Government Executive Explains School Politics and ASC Election Results

Yesterday a newly formed Associated Student Council was picked for the upcoming school year to represent the students of Seattle Central. The new Executive of Administration (aka Student President) Najwa Alsheikh has contributed the below piece to New City Collegian explaining ASC’s electoral process and the results of it.

By Najwa Alsheikh

Six executives are given roles in an election participated in by all ASC members. The ASC votes to place each executive in the position they think will best suit the needs of the student council and the school.

All ASC members have go through a formal student-led selection process. A student must submit an application in the prior school year for a position with the ASC. All applicants submit proof of enrollment, meet a minimum GPA requirement, complete the student leadership application, including a letter stating why they wish to be in student government.

Students wishing to become ASC executives submit additional documentation, including a letter of recommendation from a fellow student and a teacher. ASC executive applicants also gather 100 signatures from students in order to qualify for an executive role. In addition to regular ASC duties, ASC executives vote on fiscal issues, such as Student and Activities funding.

This year students at Seattle Central seeking executive positions on the ASC gathered over 1500 signatures from their fellow students who feel they are qualified to apply for the student council. Former ASC members and other students at large sat on the Selection Committee to look through applications.

Teams of five students each interview other students seeking roles in student government and these students were rated numerically based on qualifications and the interview itself.

As part of the student-led selection process, any student in the school, be they within student government or not, can view parts of the ASC applications that are submitted (they may view the letter students write detailing why they want to be on the student council) and give them a numbered ranking which plays in to the final number that is used by the selection committee to select ASC members. The students with the highest scores are selected for the ASC. The process is a competitive one and we received many applications.

I’m really excited for this year’s ASC. Every student that was selected is highly motivated, demonstrates exceptional leadership skills, and is enthusiastic about Seattle Central and what they can do to positively affect our campus in the coming academic year. The ASC will form a wide range of committees this year that deal with everything from allocating $1.5 million in Service and Activities funds, to issues coming from Olympia pertaining to students like budget cuts and tuition increases, to enforcing the bottle water ban on campus. I’m hoping that we can create the most dynamic student council this school has ever seen, and make more connections with the wider student body in the coming year.

The results of the 2012/2013 Associated Student Council election are as follows:

Executive of Administration (formerly titled Chief Executive): Najwa Alsheikh, 2nd year on ASC

Executive of Finance: Ian Elliott, 2nd year on ASC

Executive of Student Services: Sharayah Lane, 1st year on ASC

Executive of Communication: Shuquin (Echo) Li, 1st year on ASC

Executive of Legislative Affairs: Jessica Safley, 1st year on ASC

Executive of Issues and Concerns: Theodore Hilton, 1st year on ASC

In addition to the six executives, the ASC has five associates, listed below.

Associates are:

Violet Kajoba, 2nd year on ASC

Jameel Bhojani, 1st year on ASC

Natanielle Thangamany, 1st year on ASC

Jiali Zhang, 1st year on ASC

Naquel Walker, 1st year on ASC

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