Special Edition Rants & Raves: School District to Step on the Throat of Free Speech

This is a special midweek edition of Rants & Raves focusing on the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting. It was collaboratively made by members of the New City Collegian staff. The meeting is scheduled for 3pm TODAY, at the Seattle Community College District building at 1500 Harvard Ave. They plan to implement a campus curfew, and a no camping clause.

Ian FinkenBinder

Rant: The idea of not being able to rant on-campus as I choose makes me stark raving mad. The administration has another thing coming if they think they can limit my ability to have my voice heard in the manner that I deem appropriate.

Rave:  Do they really think that just because it’s after hours my loud, annoying voice won’t be booming? Yeah, right.

Liam Wright

Rant: Tuition will be going up another 12%!

Rave: Yet the Board of Trustees is finding ways to encourage learning by putting a time limit on free speech. (It always gets in the way of education. And really, who needs it more than 5 hours anyway?)

Ken Hamilton

Rant: 10pm curfew on campus severely limits free speech and demonstration rights, a right guaranteed by the constitution to never be abridged.

Rave: Activists now have to break laws to demonstrate, finally making them the criminals administration wants us to believe they are.

Rant: Free speech limitations and zones have been in place on campus since last year! Wait… What!?

Rave: Blatant injustice? I seem to recall a group protesting that on campus a while back…

Sebastian Garrett-Singh

Rant: Last meeting most board members drank out of water bottles and some poured their bottles into wax cups.  (You can’t recycle wax cups!)

Rave: I am glad to see that last year’s campaign to rid SCCC of water bottles is fully endorsed by the Board of Trustees!

Rant: 1st amendment task force has been created to examine Procedure 270, a procedure which was not fully released to the public until New City Collegian obtained it from a password protected college server, thanks for the transparency! The procedure already in place in the Seattle Community College District can hold students accountable for carrying two signs on campus, and is nearly identical to WAC 142 removed by Chancellor Wakefield (Forgot to mention that when you said you “heard us” huh?).

Rave: The ACLU is “looking carefully at free speech regulations on SCCD campuses.” Glad to hear the SCCD continues to be a glowing example for 1st amendment protection, so much so that the ACLU likes to keep an eye on them.

(Read Liam Wright’s article which discusses the board meeting).

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