Sonics Rally Today

by Grant Livingstone


Shawn Kemp on Far Right. Photograph by Grant Livingstone.
Shawn Kemp on Far Right. Photograph by Grant Livingstone.

The Rain-man himself, Shawn Kemp, Wanz from Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” Brian Robinson from Sonics Rising, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, and the best fans in the world came out to show just how bad they want their Sonics back.

Mayor McGinn first joined Seattle’s finest at FX McRory’s in Pioneer Square.  The crowd was excited and ripped off several “Super Sonics” chants with that special intensity that only comes after the 4th beer.  The energy at FX McRory’s would not only be matched at the rally’s next stop, but was raised about $75 million times louder.

Capitol Hill music venue Neumos hosted the event.  With doors opening at 6pm the venue was packed only 30 minutes later…and stayed that way all night.  The atmosphere was electric with fans boasting their gold and a lot of green all night. With guest appearances made by Seattle legend Shawn Kemp, Seattle recording artist Wanz from Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” Geo from the Blue Scholars and more, it became apparent how badly Seattle basketball fans want an NBA franchise back, and they deserve it.

“Seattle has a lot of new money, with that and dedicated fans I think anything is possible.” Says Seattle Central Student Jeff Neiman when asked about the Sonics long road home.

After a number of local Seattle artist continued to energize the crowd Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn shared his Sonics passion with the crowd.  I was able to chat with Mayor McGinn before he addressed the crowd.

The Mayor With Sonics Fans. Photograph by Grant Livingstone.
The Mayor With Sonics Fans. Photograph by Grant Livingstone.

Grant: How excited are you about the Sonics and Hansen’s group potentially bringing back the Sonics?

Mayor McGinn: It’s been something that we’ve been working on for a while and I know it would make a lot of people happy.

Grant: With the Seahawks now a top-notch team in the NFL, the Sonics hopefully on their way back, and the Mariner’s just starting off the season.  Do you think the trifecta would really bring Seattle together?

Mayor McGinn: It would, It would be really great to have NBA basketball back in Seattle, again take a look at tonight.  There’s a lot of folks out here tonight that are really excited about it tonight too. It would be great for Seattle.

Grant: Have you had the chance to speak with Chris, Pete or Eric recently about the team?

Mayor McGinn: I haven’t spoken with them recently.  I know what you know which is that the decision is really in the hands of the NBA now and Chris Hansen, Steve Ballmer are making a very strong move.

Grant: I’d agree.  $75 million is a lot to throw on to an already competitive offer.  With the relocation committee’s most recent report are you worried at all?

Mayor McGinn: I really don’t know what the considerations are for the NBA committee; it’s all kind in their hands right now but what we have is a great NBA market, we have a good arena plan, a solid fan base (gathering fans cheer) and a good investor team.  So we’ve got a lot of good reasons why an NBA team would make sense here in Seattle.  My feeling is we’ll just keep pushing, and I know Chris Hansen, Steve Ballmer are pushing, and hope it breaks our way.

Grant: Thanks for your time Mr. Mayor.  We’ll see you at tipoff at the first game?

Mayor McGinn: You got it, have a good one man.

With so much still up in the air and in the hands of the NBA one thing holds true, Seattle Sonics fans are the greatest in the world and deserve an NBA franchise!

Chris Hansen Is Superman by local Seattle artist Marcus "Cus" Williams. Photograph by Grant Livingstone.
Chris Hansen Is Superman by local Seattle artist Marcus “Cus” Williams. Photograph by Grant Livingstone.


[This piece will be updated with photographs and a report on the rally itself later]

With much still up in the air regarding the purchase of the Kings and the potential move to Seattle one thing holds true through it all.  WE WANT OUR DAMN SONICS BACK!

I see your $550 million and I raise you another $75.

Chris Hansen and his group of investors are hard at work trying to bring our Sonics back home and voluntarily increased their proposed purchase price for the Sacramento Kings NBA franchise to $625 million.  This new offer will provide existing team ownership with enough capital to continue regardless of whether or not the relocation to Seattle is approved.  By doing this Hansen and his group of investors have planted their flag on the franchise securing the current owners the Maloof Family, all while preventing them from backing out no matter how much pressure a commissioner in the twilight of his tenure can apply.  This deal will force the NBA into a vote on the sale.

With all things considered the sale looks like it will go through but voters could deny the relocation.  This could prolong the Sonics return.   With many battles won already the war is not over yet, so buckle up for one hell of a fight that would make the Sonics return that much sweeter.

In lieu of our leaders success a Rally has been set to kick off at FX Mcory’s from 3-6:30.

At 5:30 a massive cheer and group photo will be taken at FX (419 Occidental Ave S), then party heads up to Neumos up on Capital Hill for a free show, starting at 6pm.

Neumos, Sonicsgate and Alive & Well Present Bring Our Sonics Back – The Last Shout to the NBA.  Featuring Geo of Blue Scholars, Nacho Picasso, Grynch, Dyme Def, Jarv Dee, Tilson, Sam Lachow & Raz Simone, Neema, and DJ Hphared.

The event will be hosted by Shawn Kemp & Tilson! See you at 6.  Bring your green, gold, and party!

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