Snow on The Schedule For Your Morning Commute

Snow on The Schedule For Your Morning Commute

Posted 4:45AM

Thats right, it has finally arrived. The Bellevue-Redmond area is receiving some light snow flakes mixed with rain says my barefoot adventure outside. Heavy snowfall is also reported in the Bellevue-Renton highlands area says a tipster.

Snow in CD/SDOT
Snow in CD/SDOT

No word if it is snowing on Capitol Hill but our friends over at West Seattle Blog  are seeing it too:

Though the maps showed Seattle in the “snow shadow” again, snow is falling right now here in Upper Fauntleroy. Just one of the showers mentioned in the forecast? Just went out to check, and it’s fairly wet snow – sticking to the cars, but also audibly melting in the downspout. (Video added 4:09 am.) Let us know if you’re seeing any where you are.

The doppler info from the National Weather Service as of 4:30 shows rain and a snow rain mix around the perimeter of Seattle starting from Port Orchard to the west and Maple Valley to the east with snow touching down in the area’s beyond that. says we should expect, “rain will mix with snow at times.” The Seattle area should expect temperatures from the mid 30’s to mid 40’s throughout the day and snow fall to slow as temperatures rise.

Heavy snowfall at this point isn’t likely to continue into the day but an icy commute will start your morning. Put on a coat and warm up the car folks.

National Weather Service NW Doppler 4:48AM

Update 4:58AM: Here is a photo from our Bellevue-Renton highlands tipster of the snow coming down on his street:

Update 5:25AM: It has been confirmed snow is beginning to blanket Capitol Hill. Here is a traffic cam photo from Broadway and East Roy via SDOT:


Update 5:33AM: Washington State Department of Transportation cautions drivers to take it easy on bridges and on-ramps as temperatures drop:

Update 5:46AM: Our friends over at Capitol Hill Seattle Blog just woke up to the wonderful blankets of snow in the neighborhood or as JSeattle describes it, “more wet, than wonderful.” Here is whats going on over there:

The highest points on Capitol Hill have a drippy wet layer of snow Wednesday morning as forecasted flakes started falling in the early morning hours. The forecast calls for warming temperatures to shift things over to rain before noon.

All roads were wet and open as of 5:30 AM and bus service had not yet been affected by the falling snow.

Temperatures are predicted to remain above freezing in coming days so go outside now to get your Winter Wonderland fix.

Update 6:00AM: It’s starting to stick on the Eastside about a 1/6-1/4 inch of snow has accumulated. Time to crank your car heater and break out the ice scrappers:

Update 6:09AM: Here is list of schools that our having delayed start times via the

Fallen trees on SR 542 are currently slowing traffic westbound and eastbound around the Coal Creek Road area. King County Metro buses are currently operating normally with no delays. Sound Transit says delays may occur on the southbound light rail but is operating normally.

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