Preview of Upcoming Budget: Finances Marred with Controversy

By Liam Wright

You have probably heard of the coming budget cuts and tuition hikes at Seattle Central. On Thursday the Associate Student Council (ASC) will vote on the Student Services Operating Budget which allocates money from the student services reserves which pays for student services through the 2012/13 school year. Like the rest of the college the ASC is confronted with cutting corners wherever they can, to find a way  for the school to function on a drastically reduced budget. I obtained information on the upcoming changes from an anonymous employee on campus; the full operating budget will not be available until after the ASC finalizes a vote.

Throughout campus a majority of departments are getting their budget’s cut including student services. The cuts range from a couple hundred dollars to ten or twenty thousand. The school also has not met their admission’s target which means even less money than what was expected.

Departments are taking cuts, workers on campus are taking pay reductions, students will face a 12% increase in tuition, and most of the janitorial staff will be or have been laid off. Administration is contemplating allocating roughly $200,000 in it’s budget to hire four new security guards. This has prompted some to ask questions about how this can be afforded while the rest of the departments are being asked to cut programs.

This will also be the first year in Seattle Central Community College’s history where it will receive more money from private institutions and individuals than it will from public funding.

Budgets are not available until they are passed by the various boards and committees at Seattle Central, leaving students to guess as to where the next cuts and tuition hikes will be.

More to come on the budget and it’s implications as they becomes available.

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