More Potential WAC Changes Coming, And You May Not Like Them

More Potential WAC Changes Coming, And You May Not Like Them

Today, April 9, from 3-4:30 pm in the Mitchell Activity Center the Board of Trustees will be having a hearing regarding upcoming changes to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) that covers our Community College District. We have, in the right hand corner of the NCC, had an advertisement placed their by the SCCD for just this event.

Here are a few of the unfortunate highlights from the WAC document:

“Grade change: Lowering of a student’s grade in a course below that awarded by the instructor.” This allows for the administrators to alter a student’s grades after the fact, without instructor permission.

“Obstruction or disruption of (a) any instruction, research, administration, disciplinary proceeding, or other district activity, whether occurring on or off district property, or (b) any other activity that is authorized to occur on district property, whether or not actually conducted by the district.” This would allow for the proscription of freedom of speech activities, for which SCCC is so well known. Restraining the freedom of speech and right to assemble, by claiming it is disruptive or obstructive, would be easily doable with this WAC change in place.

Section 6 “Failure to comply with the direction of a district officer or employee who is acting in the legitimate performance of his or her duties, or failure to properly identify oneself to such a person when requested to do so.”

You get the idea.

This meeting is today, at 3:00 pm, in the Mitchell Activity Center. If you are on campus, make your voice heard. See what the Board of Trustees has to say, and tell them what you think about these and other changes.

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