Lenzy Eye: Protest To Stop Police Brutality

By Nate Leese

Around 90 protesters met at Seattle Central before marching around Capitol Hill on Oct. 22nd, the national “day of protest to stop police brutality, repression and criminalization of a generation.”

The protesters were a mixed bag of personalities: a former police officer that witnessed police brutality, teen activists, old-timer idealists, and one very angry talkative anarchist (fun photo below). The night consisted of shouting chants–sometimes toward the cops and pedestrians–burning a flag, and stopping periodically in the street to educate onlookers.Protestors held photos of people killed by police around the nation, posters with a list of lost lives, and a collection of signs with various quotes and statistics.

Here are my photos from the protest.

















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All Photos Copyright 2013 Nate Leese

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