How to Make History, Personal

How to Make History, Personal

By Gryphon MacThoy

SO, I FINALLY get to tell everyone the giant secret I’ve been keeping for a WEEK!

Last weekend Stephen Bardin and I discovered that we were more excited and emotionally involved in the Ref 74 Gays Can Be Called Married By Law Thing. Many things have developed however, I surprised my hubby with something really big.

I asked his BioXNKL8XY1z6eBBJWnGrOxSmo-largebrother, Ronnie Bardin to see about any family being able to come for t he wedding. After some deliberation, he and their sister JoEllen decided to come. Others wanted to but for various reasons could not, so these two are the family delegates. WOOT!

Yesterday, the Saturday before the official first day of Gay Marriage in WA State, we already had planned a big fancy dinner at our house with a few friends, unassociated with the wedding day. Just some close friends and good food and fun.Well, about 15 minutes after all the guests Stephen knew about were already here, Ronnie and JoEllen walked into the condo, COMPLETELY unannounced. I saw Ronnie and immediately looked at Stephen. I got to watch the whole process of realization occur on Stephen’s face.

It was awesome.

BIG Thanks to Ronnie, his wife Nancy Bardin (for letting him fly up here on short notice), and JoEllen for being game for such a big deal surprise in less than a weeks notice. 🙂

REAL BIG thanks to the rest of the dinner party for knowing that our potluck would have two extra unannounced guests, and delivering an EXCELLENT meal for all of us to enjoy. It was the exact kind of holiday dinner with friends I love. Thank you for being game to allow my secret game run unhindered and enjoying the outcome. Those folks are: Eric Johnson, Phil Cash, David May, Aster Max, Rob Jones, Alex Knight, and Doug Campbell.

A big lesson learned: Be game for big fun. And plan ahead. And be ok with best laid plans being suddenly improved upon without your input. 🙂

Editor’s note: Today NCC writer, Gryphon MacThoy was married to his partner of 7 and half years, Stephen Bardin. We wish him the utmost congratulations and hope he is celebrating tonight! Here is a powerfully compelling video clip that he provided from Seattle of him and husband Stephen talking about their big day

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