Comics from Collegian’s Past: Little Man on Campus

Comics from Collegian’s Past: Little Man on Campus

We all know that guy or gal that has a massive collection of Marvel comics with a side dish of obscure local work, but I bet they would  be befuddled to hear the name “Little Man on Campus”. The single panel comics were created by  Richard N.Bibler and syndicated to The City Collegian circa 1966 near the time of the first print edition and the inception of Seattle Community College (what it was called back then). The comics focused on funny antics occurring in a college environment or relating to it in some way.

A short profile on Bibler featured on this website reads, “Dick Bibler started drawing his Little Man on Campus panel around 1946, apparently about the time that he entered college at the University of Kansas. When he graduated around 1950 he appears to have already begun self-syndicating the panel to other college papers, and by the mid-50s the feature appeared in a pretty impressive number of college organs.”

From some quick web searching I have discovered that Bibler released full comic books in 1957 entitled, “More Little Man on Campus,” and “Little Man, What now?” in 1959, “Little Man on Campus” in 1960, and “Professor Snarf vs LMOC (Little Man on Campus) in 1962.

Bibler syndicated his comics independently, and comics listed online cite the groups name as “Bibler Features“. He also taught art at the Monterey Peninsula Community College. Bibler was born in 1922 and passed on in 2004.

For a full history on Bibler check out this link.


The above comics are from editions of The City Collegian (late 60’s). The archives for The City Collegian are open to everyone and can be seen upon request in the Seattle Central Community College library.

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