Crime Blotter for Jan 31st – Feb 7th

Crime Blotter for Jan 31st – Feb 7th

By Josh Kelety Last week was a slow one for the campus security office with only one incident logged and reported. Stay tuned for next week’s blotter post. Student stuck in dysfunctional elevator, 02/06 At 10:30 AM campus security was notified that a student was stuck in a elevator located at the north end of […]

Student sexually assaulted by unknown suspect on campus

Student sexually assaulted by unknown suspect on campus

By Josh Kelety A horrific incident of sexual assault and the attempted rape of a female student  occurred last on Thursday January 23rd in the lower floor of the Broadway Performance at Seattle Central Community College (SCCC). According to the student, the assaulter fondled her breasts and attempted to forcibly restrain her as she tried […]

Bitter Tone at Campus Debate on Bus Service Cuts: “The Legislature is Screwing Us”

Bitter Tone at Campus Debate on Bus Service Cuts: “The Legislature is Screwing Us”

By Josh Kelety King County Metro bus service—the public transportation lifeline for Seattle and greater King county area—faces drastic impending funding cuts to be implemented as soon as Fall of this year. The cuts will greatly reduce bus service on certain routes and entirely eliminate others, a prospect which has many members of the greater […]

New policy changes could shut the door on SCCD transparency

By Josh Kelety As promised, the Seattle Community College District (SCCD) has recently released their proposed policy changes regarding citizen records requests, changes which could limit public access to vital information. The proposal was submitted to the Washington State Register, a publicly accessible directory of past, current, and pending state legislation. While the ideas for […]

SCCD Administrators Say Transparency to Come at a Cost

By Josh Kelety When it comes to tinkering with sensitive parts of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), the Seattle Community College District (SCCD) administration just can’t get enough, and is trying to change the portion regarding public records requests. Though the official policy proposal is still in the works, it is guaranteed that it will […]

Sawant Holds Rally in Wake of Victory

Photos & Intro by Josh Kelety With the most recent ballot returns putting Socialist Alternative candidate Kshama Sawant ahead of Democratic incumbent Richard Conlin by more than 2,000 votes, Conlin has conceded and Sawant declared this race a victory. Consequently, the Sawant campaign held a rally at the local SEIU 775NW headquarters. The scheduled speakers […]

Seattle U Environmental Group to College Admins: Ditch the Dirty Oil Stock

By Josh Kelety Seattle University (SU) is a peaceful bubble of a college campus with lush flora galore, giving off the impression of an institution which values environmental stewardship. However a small group of passionate SU students, known as Sustainable Student Action (SSA), have been making some noise about their administration’s behind-the-scenes actions by calling […]

Comedy Central Show Tosh.O Uses Seattle Central as a Prop

By Sebastian Garrett-Singh Comedy Central’s Daniel Tosh, on his show Tosh.O, uses Seattle Central Community College as a prop in a segment on the fifth season of the comedy program. It alludes to a grunge Seattle life and has a young boy, hypodermic needle in hand, wrapping a tourniquet around his arm. The boy is […]

Sawant Takes Home 46% Initially While Changing The Game

By Josh Kelety Alia Marsha contributes in reporting. The crowd at Kshama Sawant’s election night party teemed with a contagious energy. There was an air of anticipation and excitement, blanketed by an over-riding sense of optimism and a shared clarity of vision. As people gathered over cold brews in front of a banner stating ‘a […]

ACLU Dubs Seattle Colleges’ Free Speech Policy ‘Unconstitutional’

By Josh Kelety The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently took a stab at the Seattle Community College District’s attempts to rewrite free speech policies at college facilities by calling their amendments ‘unconstitutional’. In this ongoing negotiation between the district, faculty, and free speech advocates, the administration is once again running up against opposition for […]