Capitol Hill Protest Draws Pink Clothes and Police Presence

By Alexander M. Koch Early on Sunday morning, June 24, 2012, there was a dance party in the streets. This occurred during Pride weekend and was advertised as an all-ages, queer dance-party. This event, entitled “Queers Fucking Queers”(QFQ) had around 50 people present. This was purportedly a peaceful dance-party. Despite allegations by the Seattle Police […]

Gotta Get Back: The Story of Robbie Hill

Robbie Hill likes things to be clean. For ten years Hill’s maintained the appearance of SCCC, sweeping and soaping as part of the custodial staff. He was named employee of the year in 2007, and arrives 45 minutes early for every shift. But when Robbie Hill speaks of cleanliness, he isn’t talking about sinks and […]

Rats, Needles, or Just Propaganda?

By Ian Finkenbinder Months after the eviction of Occupy Seattle from Seattle Central, faculty, students, and writers for the New City Collegian have been diligently following up on claims asserted by the administration regarding Occupy’s stay at the Capitol Hill campus. Readers may remember the administration’s allegations of filthy, vermin-infested conditions and vandalized bathrooms during […]

Public Hearing on WAC Changes Draws Resounding Community Opposition to Proposed Regulations

By Aaron Owen Nearly 200 members of the district community filed through the doors of the Broadway Performance Hall Thursday evening April 5 to voice opposition and outrage at the proposed changes to Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 132F. The new codes, first proposed by Seattle Community College District administrators during spring break, would radically limit […]

SCCD Faculty, Students Show a History of Support For Occupy Seattle

By Ian Finkenbinder The relationship between Occupy Seattle and Seattle Central is nothing if not controversial. As soon as the first tent was set up on the south lawn at SCCC, accusations of drug use and sexual harassment were met with assertions that the school was engaged in a propaganda smear campaign in order to […]

Seattle Central Gives Childcare Center the Boot

By Aaron Owen The courtyard is empty, the hallway quiet, and the vibrant rooms that once housed SCCC’s Childcare Center have gone dark. For the first time in more than 30 years, student-parents at SCCC will have nowhere on campus to take their children while they attend class. President Killpatrick made public the administration’s intent […]

After Eviction: Why was Occupy Seattle Ousted?

By Ian Finkenbinder As of the time of this writing, Occupy Seattle has been evicted from Seattle Central Community College and its tents torn down. Its activists and campers have been scattered to the winds, some qualifying for assistance in relocating to homeless shelters and some left to fend for themselves in the December weather. […]

Eviction Eve: Chancellor Wakefield Issues Veiled Threat To Occupy Seattle

By Ian Finkenbinder At the time of this writing the dedicated protesters of Occupy Seattle are preparing to lose their space. Dozens of tents have already come down and work groups have moved their essential materiel off-site, preparing for the inevitable official action that will take place tomorrow afternoon at Seattle Central Community College. Occupy […]

Occupy Seattle: A Letter to President Killpatrick

By Ian Finkenbinder One of the accusations leveled against the Occupy Seattle movement used as a pretext for evicting the peaceful protest from Seattle Central Community College has been one of general disorder and lawlessness.  President Killpatrick cited one incident, the attempted sexual assault of an Occupier, as the “last straw” in his attempts to […]

Support and Rejection of Occupy Seattle

By Gryphon MacThoy Occupy Seattle has planned to move to SCCC’s campus. However, Occupy Seattle has garnered both support and rejection for this idea from various fronts. Karen Strickland, Seattle President of the American Federation of Teachers, in an email to all faculty of SCCC, forwarded a letter previously sent to Paul Killpatrick, SCCC President. […]