Reviewing Virtual Reality at SIFF, Zach Blachon

Reviewing Virtual Reality at SIFF, Zach Blachon

Welcome to Year 1, the future is upon us. 2016 marks the year virtual reality (VR) started giving actual reality a run for it’s money.  The technology for entering these unexplored territories has become accessible to anyone with a smartphone and $15 . Google is a shepherd the into the field of VR that many […]

Surviving the Storm: Seattle Central Student Tells Moving Narrative About Her Experience with Rape

A number of rape cases in the country have been in the spotlight in recent years. ~ Those stories are frightening, but even more disturbing is the number of cases that go unreported, that get overlooked…that become buried. ~ Seattle Central Community College student under pseudonym Mila Francis is brave enough to trust New City […]

Dozens of Students Suddenly Broke When SCCC Charges Tuition Not Once, but Twice

By: Jiyeon Yoon Just like every morning, you get in line to order your daily fix of caffeine to get you through the day. Barista gets started on your ‘usual’ ahead of time to speed up the wait while you casually stand in line. You hand over your card, and then hear those 5 dreadful […]

TRIO Programs Feel Sequestration

Wayne Rocque While paying for increasingly expensive tuition prices is one thing, succeeding in college can be a whole other ball game. To help tackle these challenges that students face, the federal government has financial aid and outreach programs in place. However, due to federal budget cuts, these key programs are under threat of being […]

Seattle Central Propels Washington’s Sustainable Housing Movement

Paige Spicer A version of this article appears in spring print edition  in June 4 2013.  The concept behind passive housing is maximum energy efficiency. An annual electricity bill for a passive house may be only $30-$50. This standard is accomplished by creating an airtight home with super insulated walls, passive heat sources, superior windows, […]

My Generation’s War

An Iraq Experience The author of the following story is a Seattle Central student and veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He asked that his name be withheld from publication. A version of this article appears in spring print edition in June 4 2013.  It’s an uneasy sensation, traveling to a combat zone. […]

Fired for Empathy

Josh Kelety In early September Seattle Central Student Carlos Hernandez was fired from his job at Subway for giving away a 66-cent cookie to a child. But that wasn’t the real reason. In actuality Hernandez had been deeply concerned about the treatment of his co-workers by his management and was empowering his fellow sandwich artisans […]

A Labor of Love: Café Racer Back On Track One Year after Shooting

by Joey Wieser Former Café Racer owner Kevin Hansen opens up about gun-violence, the press, and explains how the Café Racer community helped breathe life back into his second home. On May 30th, 2012, just before 11 A.M., a man with two .45-caliber handguns entered Café Racer and brought four lives to an end. Joe […]

William Abbott: It’s Never Too Late

by Alia Marsha When William Abbott first sat down for this interview, he couldn’t stop shaking. He said it’s because he hadn’t had any meal yet. But half an hour later, still shaking after filling his empty stomach with yogurt and orange juice, he admitted: “Maybe I’m nervous, that’s why,” At the age of 42, Will is […]