Arrested Student Learns Hard Lesson in American Justice

Arrested Student Learns Hard Lesson in American Justice

By Bai Xiaoou

On May 16, Ye Linlin, an eighteen year old international student at Seattle Central was arrested by Seattle police at his apartment.

“I had an argument with my girlfriend in the morning, and left my home. When I got back home in the afternoon I saw a Korean boy at my home. I was very angry and I thought my girlfriend was cheating on me. I couldn’t control my temper and hit that guy on his head. After fighting with him, I saw his head was bleeding and I was scared, so I ran away,” says Ye Linlin, the defendant of this case.


As Ye Linlin started his car a police officer arrived at the scene and arrested Linlin, sending him to jail for two days.

“I never thought this could happen to me while studying in the United States,” says Linlin. Linlin’s father spent $5,000 to bail him out of the jail. However, he was charged with assault and invasion of another person’s house. Police warned Linlin that he can’t see his girlfriend for two years otherwise he will be arrested and put in jail for fifteen days.

“I was very worried about him when I heard he was arrested, I know fighting is an inappropriate action, but I can understand him. However, I don’t think the judgment is right, this is a mutual rapport between him and his girlfriend. Why would he get arrested not his girlfriend”, says Li Guanghui, one of Stan’s close friends, who is also an international student at SCCC.

“I didn’t break into other person’s apartment, it’s my apartment, and I pay the bills all the time”, says Linlin.The legal name on the rental lease is his girlfriend’s

Linlin’s father spent $3000 more on a lawyer for him. After the first hearing date his lawyer told him “I do think we can win this case. However, it will simply take a bit more time. The prosecutor would like to speak with Shannon (Ye’s girlfriend) and verify that she wants the matter dismissed. So we will set a new hearing date but I expect this next one to be the last. If we lose the case you will be deported to China and can’t come to America again”

“Ye is a virtuous man,” says Chen Chen, another friend of Ye. “He has been studying in (the) US for more than two years. Before he came to SCCC, he was in a Florida high school. If he didn’t win the case, his two years would have meant nothing. He would have wasted money and time but I truly think he hit people because of a girl and get himself tossed into jail was too foolish”

On June 27, after the second hearing date, Ye had won the case. He doesn’t need to go back to China or use a free resume builder, but he had learned a lesson. Ye says “Out of this country I must observe the local disciplines and obey laws.”

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